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Enhance your smile, boost your self confidence.

Not all of us are blessed with perfectly set rows of teeth. The problem of living with crooked teeth are many. Apart from creating issues with self-confidence it also affects how you function in your daily life. Uneven teeth alter your smile and hold you back from showing your true self to the world. People with crooked teeth often avoid interaction with people for fear of being ridiculed.

Most resort to pursed lipped smiles to avoid showing their teeth. But most of the major repercussions of having crooked teeth extend to much more than just social setbacks. Uneven teeth affect one’s physical appearance, true, but they can also cause severe problems with your dental health.

At Dr. Chopra Dental Clinic we provide three options for braces /orthodontic treatment including removable braces, metal braces and tooth-colored/ceramic braces depending on the case, convenience and cost of treatment.

Dental braces not only straighten your teeth and but also give you a healthy bite as well. A healthy bite constitutes two rows of well-aligned teeth. When both the upper and lower rows of teeth are properly aligned, there is minimal friction between them. Therefore the teeth are protected against erosion.

Apart from braces, at Dr. Chopra Dental Clinic we provide advanced and specialized treatment for the correction of irregular teeth like aligners ( without braces ) and instant teeth straightening. For more information kindly schedule your appointment today at

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