Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does RCT take ?

: The time taken for a root canal treatment is usually around 90 minutes if it is a single sitting type RCT. In case of performing second time root canal treatment in the same tooth, then at least 2 appointments of at least 60 minutes each are taken into consideration.

Does RCT painful ?

Root canal treatment does not hurt patients at all. If the patient has pain in a tooth, then it is dealt with in the best way with the expertise of the dentist or an endodontist. Proper utilization of the local anesthetics is useful in preventing pain during root canal treatment.

What are the success rate of RCT?

The success rates of root canal treatment ranges from 87% to 99%.. A lot many times; we receive badly done RCT cases where the re-doing of root canal treatment is needed in almost all cases. We have the expertise to save your teeth with Re-RCT procedures as well.

Can i drive a car after RCT ?

Yes. You could drive after root canal treatment as it’s done under local anesthesia, but if you feel sleepy, please use help driving.

What should I eat after RCT ?

After root canal treatment you are given a printed instruction list to follow. Gradually, you can start using that side for active eating.

What type of crown should be advice after RCT ?

There are different types of crowns advised for the tooth treated with root canal treatment, but then the type of crown used varies with the case and choice of the patient. Metal Free/ Zirconia – This is the most commonly advised and utilized type of crowns for the tooth which is treated with Root canal treatment. It mimics the color and features of the natural tooth. Porcelain fused to metal/Ceramic – This combination is stronger than the regular porcelain. The durability of these types of crowns is much more too. Base metal alloys – These types of crowns are resistant to corrosion. This type of crowns does not require much removal of the teeth from the patient.


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